My dog must be a mountain feist dog

So I was looking around today trying to find pictures of other fiests out there. Some stranger told me once while seeing Onyx at a Gallatin event that she looked just like a feist. Ever since I’ve told people that she is probably a feist mix but I still don’t know for sure because Onyx was a pound puppy. For those who don’t know Onyx very well, she is the best dog that I could have picked up. As far as I know her birthday is likely around the middle to end of October and this year she will be turning 8 years old. I’ve already noticed she’s getting a little gray hair on her chin and she does a lot of moaning an groaning if you make her move while she’s snuggled up in a blanket or something. So anyways I decided to look around for pictures of feists. Here are just a few pictures I quickly found that look an awful lot like Onyx today or when she was very young.

Now to be clear, none of these pictures are of Onyx, but they all look a whole lot like her. I’m going to add a couple other pictures to the bottom here as well so you can clearly see just how much they all look alike. Onyx clearly has feist like features because when you look on Google these are 3 of the pictures that pull up. Feists apparently have many types of fur coloring they can be and they also vary anywhere from 10-30 pounds, which Onyx weighs about 25. She’s very well tempered and a great loyal friend to all just like feists are described as. So I think this makes the case that Onyx is a feist. I’ve told many people this is what she seems to be but now you can clearly see for yourself that she must be mostly feist.