About Charles

I have been a Graphic Designer since 2008 and have worked both full time and freelance. I have greatly enjoyed the work that I have done and it never gets old. Here you will find my online portfolio as well as a blog I write in on a rare occasion for others to get to know me a little. I am very comfortable with technology and learning new skills. I’m most comfortable on Apple computers and designing with Adobe software however I have utilized PCs and other software as needed. I’m most knowledgeable in Photoshop and Indesign but can also comfortably work in Illustrator, Premiere, And Acrobat.

I do my best to listen to my client’s needs, give my feedback and professional opinion in the direction they should go but ultimately it is the client’s choice where we end up. I do not enforce my views on a client or refuse to do something just because I don’t agree with it.

My family and I currently live in Tennessee, but I was born in Texas and moved to Tennessee in 1998. As you may have noticed I am a major comic fan, as well as a gamer, internet junkie, and into all around geeky things. If you would like to contact me for work or have questions please e-mail me at cook9782@gmail.com.