Reproduction Artwork

As I said in a past blog post I’m going to be writing some posts about showing some of my past artwork. I’m trying to mix it up by showing different categories of work I have done and from different periods of my life. This time I thought I would share what I used to do in high school before I went to Nossi College of Art. When I was a kid I always drew what I saw, so if I had a toy I liked I would try drawing that, I would also draw our pets, furniture, and cartoon characters I saw on TV. Pretty much anything I had a good reference for I would try. Doing this from such a young age I feel gave me the ability to reproduce almost anything which came in handy when around my other artist friends because some of them were naturally talented at original art but couldn’t reproduce anything. This of course is all pencil/pen drawing, nothing like paint, water color or media that was more advanced, don’t forget we’re talking about when I was still a kid. I have distinct memories of being in church sitting on the floor and trying to draw a Ghostbusters mummy action figure I had and the drawing turning out fairly accurate. I remember staring at my dog to get his face right. I stared for hours at pictures and other drawings meticulously analyzing every detail so I would get my picture right. It was just something I did and I believe is how I naturally trained myself into becoming an artist, which of course led into many other artistic areas.

Below I’ve included a few drawings I managed to hang on to that range from my freshman year in high school to before I went to Nossi. I would remind you though to keep in mind none of these pictures are traced. When I said I would reproduce almost anything I meant purely looking at the object/image and drawing freehand from what I saw. The He-man picture I drew is actually the only He-man picture I remember drawing my entire life, which is really funny considering how much of a He-man Fan-boy I am. The Thundercat image are ones I drew in my freshman year when I had a rediscovered my fascination with Thundercats because they had JUST been put back on TV. There are a few Dragonball Z characters as well that were a part of my early days learning to draw a bit of anime/manga style which I’ll talk about more in another blog post. Then lastly there are a couple more random ones of the wrestler Sting that I decided to draw and a pair of hands I really liked from the cover of a music album.

To wrap this post up I will say I just about don’t draw anymore due to my job as a Graphic Designer. I also think it’s due to all of my time now is devoted to work, wife, son, house work, and friends. What little tiny bit of my time I get I try to play a video game here and there so drawing has taken a backseat to everything else unfortunately. Hopefully when my son gets older we’ll sit and draw some together and maybe I will rediscover my passion for drawing.

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