Harry Potter 7 – Movie Review (No Spoilers)

I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 this past weekend with some friends of ours. My first impressions of it are that it’s so much different than the other movies. This movie started off very good and exciting. You get to see some really cool magic right away, you get to see a lot of major characters as well. Then after maybe the first half hour it started to go downhill for me. I think the major thing that is different is that they never go to Hogwarts school of magic. They do show other kids going to the school but that’s it. I do think they could have easily cut 15-30 minutes out of this movie and you wouldn’t have lost much. So much of it has these long drawn out parts of them waiting in a forest, traveling, and just being completely miserable. This is the kind of stuff you shouldn’t be doing exactly like the book. Now I did continuously remind myself throughout that watching this movie is sort of like watching the first half of a movie because there is a whole second part to see. When thinking about it like that I’m not really sure you can compare this to a typical film. All in all though I think it’s very good, has the typical scary and fun elements that we have become accustomed to with Harry Potter, but this is definitely the darkest and saddest one to date. I haven’t read all the books yet but I’m hoping the second part doesn’t let us all down.