Designing of the TSU Centennial Logo

A few months ago at work I was called by the assistant to the new President of TSU, Portia H. Shields, and was asked if I could begin working on a logo for Tennessee State University’s Centennial Celebration. I found out later that the President had actually asked for me specifically because she had seen my work, and after some unsuccessful student designs, she wanted me to give it a shot. After meeting with my department and coming up with many drafts we presented some to the President’s Assistant. She liked what I had come up with and we then began the tedious, but necessary, process of fine tuning the logo. After seeing my final version the President liked my ideas and eventually selected my design to be the official TSU Centennial Logo.

What this ultimately means is that this will be printed on billboards, flags, banners, posters, cards, flyers, brochures, made into a statue, put in emails, on the website, and many other things. I have already seen it on a billboard and some flags. This is the biggest thing I have done in my over five years of being a Graphic Designer and I’m very proud that my design was chosen. I’ve included at the bottom a look at the color and black/white version of the logo. I just wanted to share this with anyone who reads this blog and keep a record of my professional accomplishments. Thanks for reading.