Life Sketching – in class work

I thought since my blog here is directly tied to my professional portfolio I should start incorporating some of my artwork. Most of my best pieces are in my portfolio of course but I have other that I am also proud of and don’t want to completely forget about. During my time at Nossi (my art school) I was required to take a few sketching/drawing classes. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best, but I’d like to think some of what I did in school was nice enough to share.

The first two pieces we did in our sketching class were portrait shots of a famous person we admired and one self portrait. You’ll see in the first picture, Genndy Tartakovsky, who was a well known illustrator with Cartoon Network. He was responsible for Dexter’s Lab and also the creator of Samurai Jack. He is also the initial creator of the cartoon mini-series Star Wars Clone Wars before it was digital animation. In the second picture is of course myself, I think I rushed myself a bit because my face doesn’t have as good shading applied to it and there’s overall a lack of even lights, midtones, and darkness to it. Otherwise it was a fun piece, but not something I felt too proud of.

After those projects we went on to sketching live models. At the time I felt very fortunate to not have to sketch nude models but looking back I wish I had the opportunity because it is difficult to sketch a body when having to also sketch clothing. Clothing isn’t a natural part of the body so it tends to break the natural curves and that often makes it difficult. The rest of the images here are the decent sketches I have left over from that class. Most sketches are incomplete due to only having so much time with the models. We often didn’t have time to complete the entire sketch before moving on to a new pose. So enjoy looking at the women in swim wear that I had to sketch. Soon I hope to dig out my live sketches that I did at the mall because those had to be done in a matter of a few minutes that I had while a stranger sat there being sketched unknowingly. It was a part of a series of sketches we were required to do that counted as a large part of our grade.

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